Create an exclusive experience for your guests and increase your attraction,

retention and secondary revenues.

Client attraction

Become the benchmark for guests seeking a fun and connected cruising holiday. The Game will entertain and train customers from 7 to 77 years old. Perfect for the whole family 


Offer your guests memorable experiences and socialisation opportunities. Depending on your choices of installation, you can have from 2 to infinite users. 

Secondary Revenue

Increase your revenues by creating a journey rich in additional fun and exceptional services.



  • A set of LAZRGEAR™

  • Charging stations 

  • A Router with a high speed Internet

  • Display participants ranking on large screen 

  • LAZR® manager software (on an IPAD, Iphone or desktop)

  • An empty classroom, LAZR PARK™ or your own training field

What will it cost you ?


Pricing of your gear

Annual Licence

Membership to the managing software 

Cost of electricity 

Interested in buying some gear for your Cruise ship or Hotels ? 

Contact us, we are always happy to hear from you !

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